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Students of accredited online colleges can often seek financial aid from a variety of sources. The most common source of financial aid is through the federal government.

Here are some online resources to start the financial aid process:

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
This is the best place to start for financial aid. Fill out the FAFSA right away to find out what type of aid you can receive.

Military Student Aid
A third of eligible veterans fail to use their education benefits. If you are in the military or a veteran, find out what you qualify for.

Students seeking financial aid must complete an application process and meet eligibility requirements. Financial aid is available for those who qualify.

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Here are some results of recent studies regarding online education:

“Three quarters of academic leaders at public colleges and universities believe that online learning quality is equal to or superior to face-to-face instruction.”
Entering the Mainstream – The Sloan Consortium, Oct 2004

“Nationally, online enrollment increased from 1.98 million in 2003 to 2.35 million online students a year later, an increase of 18.6%.

Enrollment in online courses is more than ten times that projected by the National Center for Education Statistics for the general college student population.”

Online Education in the United States, 2005, Sloan Consortium

For the next few weeks, we’ll be posting some blogs about the popular online degree programs offered at Florida Metropolitan University.

We’ve received a lot of requests from prospective students interested in our online computer information science degree program.

Here are some answers to some common questions:

What computer science degrees are available completely online?
Right now, we offer an Associate’s and Bachelor’s Computer Information Science degree.

How long does it take to finish the computer science degree?
Well, our program is similar to any other university degree program. Associate degrees usually take two years, and Bachelor degrees will take four years. Some students transfer in previous college credits to shorten their degree program.

How do you transfer previous college classes into FMU?
That really depends on what types of classes you’ve taken. We have admissions reps who can definitely help answer those questions once you’ve sent in your transcripts from a previous college.

What do you learn in the computer information science program?
This program has gained some popularity with students because we offer three main concentrations. Students can choose to focus on programming, network administration, or web design. It really depends on what you wan to focus on.

Do you have a catalog for all your classes?
Yes, you can contact us online and we can provide you with any information you need.

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If you’ve been thinking about going back to school to earn your degree, consider earning it online at Florida Metropolitan University (FMU).

The online classes at FMU allow students the flexibility and convenience to earn their degrees at home–without ever needing to step inside a classroom.

FMU offers Associate’s, Bachelor’s, and Master’s degrees in a variety of in-demand career fields. We offer degrees in accounting, business, computer science, and criminal justice.

Click here to receive some information about our online degree programs.

If you’re considering getting your criminal justice degree online, then you should definitely check out Florida Metropolitan University’s online criminal justice classes. 

FMU offers three types of online criminal justice degrees:

Associate of Science, Criminal Justice
Our online criminal justice Associate’s Degree program covers the criminal justice system, introduces law and legal procedures, and discusses criminal evidence and criminology.

Bachelor of Science, Criminal Justice
The online Bachelor’s Degree program explores criminal justice concepts and theories in greater depth and also covers gang activity, drug operations, probation, criminal justice management and more, providing a greater knowledge-base and more opportunities for employment.

Master of Science, Criminal Justice
Our online Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice prepares graduates for more advanced positions in probation, corrections, immigration and/or security. Your courses will build upon classes taken in the Bachelor’s program, and you’ll delve deeper into topics like law and the legal system, criminology, victimology and statistical methods in Criminal Justice.

Click here to view the online criminal justice degree courses.

If you’re thinking about getting your degree through FMU, we’re now opening enrollment for FMU online classes.  

Florida Metropolitan University online classes allow student to receive either an Associate’s, Bachelor’s, or Master’s degree in a variety of subjects. As mentioned before, we have online classes in Accounting, Business, Computer Science, and Criminal Justice.  

One of our most popular programs is the Criminal Justice program because students get to learn about criminal evidence, criminology, criminal procedure, and constitutional law.

If you’d like to learn more about FMU online classes, simply complete our easy online form.  

At Florida Metropolitan University Online (or FMU Online), we offer career-oriented online degree programs in a variety of exciting degree programs. 

Our online degree programs are divided into four different subject areas:

  • Online Business Degrees
  • Online Criminal Justice Degrees
  • Online Accounting Degrees
  • Online Computer Information Science Degrees

Here is a complete online degree curriculum list for FMU:

Online Business Programs

  • Associate of Science, Business Administration
  • Associate of Science, Medical Insurance Billing
  • Bachelor of Applied Management
  • Bachelor of Science, Business Administration

Online Accounting Programs

  • Associate of Science, Accounting
  • Bachelor of Science, Accounting

Online Criminal Justice Programs

  • Associate of Science, Criminal Justice
  • Bachelor of Science, Criminal Justice
  • Master of Science, Criminal Justice

Online Computer Information Science Programs

  • Associate of Science, Computer Information Science
  • Bachelor of Science, Computer Information Science

Click here to learn more about Florida Metropolitan University Online Curriculum