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Florida Metropolitan University Online Curriculum List

Posted on: February 5, 2007

At Florida Metropolitan University Online (or FMU Online), we offer career-oriented online degree programs in a variety of exciting degree programs. 

Our online degree programs are divided into four different subject areas:

  • Online Business Degrees
  • Online Criminal Justice Degrees
  • Online Accounting Degrees
  • Online Computer Information Science Degrees

Here is a complete online degree curriculum list for FMU:

Online Business Programs

  • Associate of Science, Business Administration
  • Associate of Science, Medical Insurance Billing
  • Bachelor of Applied Management
  • Bachelor of Science, Business Administration

Online Accounting Programs

  • Associate of Science, Accounting
  • Bachelor of Science, Accounting

Online Criminal Justice Programs

  • Associate of Science, Criminal Justice
  • Bachelor of Science, Criminal Justice
  • Master of Science, Criminal Justice

Online Computer Information Science Programs

  • Associate of Science, Computer Information Science
  • Bachelor of Science, Computer Information Science

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