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Criminal Justice Degrees Online at Florida Metropolitan University (FMU)

Posted on: March 9, 2007

If you’re considering getting your criminal justice degree online, then you should definitely check out Florida Metropolitan University’s online criminal justice classes. 

FMU offers three types of online criminal justice degrees:

Associate of Science, Criminal Justice
Our online criminal justice Associate’s Degree program covers the criminal justice system, introduces law and legal procedures, and discusses criminal evidence and criminology.

Bachelor of Science, Criminal Justice
The online Bachelor’s Degree program explores criminal justice concepts and theories in greater depth and also covers gang activity, drug operations, probation, criminal justice management and more, providing a greater knowledge-base and more opportunities for employment.

Master of Science, Criminal Justice
Our online Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice prepares graduates for more advanced positions in probation, corrections, immigration and/or security. Your courses will build upon classes taken in the Bachelor’s program, and you’ll delve deeper into topics like law and the legal system, criminology, victimology and statistical methods in Criminal Justice.

Click here to view the online criminal justice degree courses.

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